Starting a business

I want to get started! But how? As a second job or full time straight away? As sole proprietor or in a partnership? Do I need start-up capital? Is my idea viable? Who will be there to help me through the administrative part?


Starting a business often comes with a lot of questions. At Decupere & Partners, we are here to help guide and advise you through this very process. More than just an accounting firm, we are a genuinely like-minded, lifelong partner for your business.

This is why we think it is important to get to know you personally. What drives you? Why do you want to start a business? By arranging an initial meeting at either one of our offices or your own, we acquire a perfect understanding of where we can truly provide added value.

What's more, we will immediately present you with your own personal point of contact, charged with taking care of your case going forward. This person will help guide you through the entire process, from accounting and taxation to legal matters and HR advice.


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